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Important Information

We want you to have the best time during your stay at Il Monte. That also means making sure you know the important information about your visit before you go. On this page, you'll find our full Terms and Conditions, Swimming Pool Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Cancellation Policy. It is important you have read all of this information prior to making your booking. Should you need any more assistance, feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ's page for some helpful answers.

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Terms & Conditions


1. A 25% non-returnable deposit is payable at the time of booking and Provisional reservations (without payment) can only be held for 24 hours until a deposit is received.

2. The balance of the hire charge is payable at least 4 weeks prior to the arrival date. It is your responsibility and not the Owner to make sure this payment is received. Failure to settle in full may result in the Owner's re-letting the accommodation without notice to the prospective Hirer. Reservations made within 4 weeks of the planned arrival date always require full payment at the time of booking.

3. An accepted non-returnable deposit and completed booking form is deemed to be a contract and in the event of cancellation, no monies are obliged to be refunded. Cancellations must be received and formally acknowledged by us at least 60 days prior to the arrival date. We will do everything possible to re-let accommodation subject to cancellation with a view to forwarding any monies recovered over and above the original deposit. Any credit / debit card fees are not refundable, and a 50€ administration fee will be applied.

4. Holiday/cancellation insurance for unforeseen illness, issues, weather and travel related problems is strongly recommended and not included in the cost of hire of this accommodation on this website.

5. It is a firm condition of letting that guest’s leave their accommodation in clean condition, just as they would expect to find it. Any damage or shortage found subsequently will be charged for. The Owner reserves the right to inspect the accommodation before departure and charges may be levied if the accommodation is not left in a clean and tidy condition. A 500€ Security Deposit is required with all reservations. This is normally returned within 7 days after departure, unless there is damage to the property, its contents, items missing, or the accommodation has been left excessively unfit or untidy.

6. Guests are responsible for the oven, if the oven is left with excessive burnt on residue due to careless cooking practises, a charge of 150€ will be levied, to cover the cost of a professional oven cleaning contractor, this is so the next guests may also experience a clean oven.

7. The House keeper/ Owner is responsible for all matters relating to the condition and contents of the accommodation hired. Therefore, on arrival and occupation of the accommodation, the Hirer should satisfy themselves that the accommodation is in good clean condition and equipment is in good working order. By occupying the accommodation without registering any faults, breakage, cleanliness issues or general area of concern with the Housekeeper /Owner within the first 24 hours, the Hirer accepts the accommodation and responsibility for it and its equipment throughout the period of hire. Under no circumstances can compensation be claimed for complaints raised only after the hire term has ended.Listing issues in a guest book at the end of a rental are not acceptable, issues can only be immediately addressed once they are reported. Any formal complaints must be

addressed to the Owner in writing no later than 7 days after the occupation has ended.

8. The Hirer has no right to sub-let the accommodation or permit more than the agreed number of persons to occupy it.

9. Should an unexpected emergency or major breakdown occur with the accommodation, your booking fee including the deposit will be refunded and the Owner will not be liable to any further claims. The Owner must also, with prior notice be allowed entry to the property during your stay to carry out any essential or unexpected additional maintenance that cannot be completed during a changeover. The Hirer shall be aware that should there be a failure in extreme weather, a weekend, bank holiday or over the Christmas / New Year holiday period, it may not be possible to provide a trades person until the morning after or the next working day.

10. The Owners do not warrant that all equipment including the electric, central or solid fuel heating system, water, gas supply and electricity system will operate throughout the tenancy. Should the heating system, water, gas or electricity system unexpectedly fail, the Owner will take all reasonable steps to rectify the fault and will not be liable for any downtime suffered by the Hirer. The Owner or trades person must be permitted access to the property to rectify the fault. The Owner takes no liability for happenings outside their control and no liability will fall on the Owners for the effects of unusual or extreme weather, power cuts, water shortages, gas failure, farming disasters, epidemic or pandemic as declared by the health authorities.

11. The Owners reserve the right to refuse or cancel an advance reservation, in this unlikely scenario any paid monies will be refunded, and the proprietors will not be liable to any further claims.

12. The Owners also reserve the right to expel a resident for conduct that is detrimental to the well-being or comfort of the neighbours.

13. Il Monte is in quiet place – please do not disturb others by unnecessary noise from cars, TVs, radios or musical instruments etc. especially after 10pm.

14. Dogs are not allowed at the premises to visit or stay

15. If you are staying for more than one week and would like the accommodation to be cleaned and fresh linen provided during your stay, we can arrange for the housekeeper to visit the accommodation this will incur an additional fee of 100€

16. The swimming pool, like all open bodies of water can be dangerous, therefore, guests need to take care around the swimming pool. The accommodation is set in a remote and rural area with natural risks and hazards. You are reminded of the higher degree of risk in this country environment and it is therefore your responsibility to take care of your own safety and members of your party at all times.

17. During winter months in particular, there may be inclement weather, the decking may become very slippery. If there is a snow falls, there is a risk of avalanche from the roof so do not stand near the gutters. The road access to Il Monte is via a non-metalled road, Hirers are advised to travel by a vehicle that is fitted with snow tyres, or carries snow chains, during the months from November to April. It should be noted that local road traffic laws require vehicles to be equipped with snow tyres or snow chains during these months too.

18. No single sex parties or groups unless it’s a family organised group with prior approval.

19. Reservations cannot be accepted from persons under 25 years old.

20. The Hirer and or their total number of group must not exceed the number of beds in the property, without special arrangement. No tents or external temporary dwellings are allowed with the grounds as this can invalidate insurance cover and is a Breach of contract with the Owner. However, day visitors are usually welcome at the discretion of the Owner, please discuss this with the Owner through the contact phone numbers provided.

21. Clients must acquaint themselves with the safety precautions against fire and the whereabouts of the fire points.

22. No firearms, guns, catapults, kites, drones or open fires are permitted in the grounds.

23. Any person who wilfully or negligently causes damage to any buildings or equipment will be responsible for the cost of remedial repairs.

24. A confirmation will be sent in receipt of the deposit or full payment. Please note that once a reservation is confirmed, customers are liable for the whole cost of the hire.

25. All marketing information is published in good faith based on our observations. We reserve the right to change the content at any time as appropriate, however every effort will be made to ensure that customers understand correctly the information given. It is up to the potential Hirer to read and understand the information published and we recommend all potential Hirers contact us first if exact clarification of household interior and / or content is critical. Further to this we recommend all Hirers check for regular updates. The Owners have no control over other businesses in the area featured and will not be responsible for any facilities which are unavailable.

26. The Owners will not be liable for loss or damage to any property or vehicle etc. whilst at the property, however such loss or damage may occur.

27. The information contained in the Guest Handbook forms part of the overall terms and conditions, there is a copy in the accommodation and in the accommodation section of this website. The information in the handbook will ensure you get the maximum benefit, comfort and enjoyment during your stay at the accommodation so please read it.

28. No charging of electric vehicles.

29. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Under all circumstances the Owner’s liability will be limited to the sum received from the Hirer.

30. Payment of your fees constitutes accepting all these conditions


Swimming Pool Disclaimer


An unattended Swimming Pool in the garden is available for use by guests, via a gated access.


The Swimming Pool is provided for use by guests aged 15 and over and for children under this age supervised by a responsible adult over 18.

In making use of these facilities, guests will be deemed to have accepted responsibility for their own safety and other users of these facilities.

The Owner provides and maintains appropriate safety and other equipment.


The Owner will not be liable for any loss or damage to guests’ property, or for any personal injury or death which may arise from use of these facilities. The guests shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Owners of Monte against such costs or liability.


Guests shall not use these facilities when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Accordingly, the responsibility for ensuring the safety of yourself and other users of the facilities rests with you.


The Owners of Il Monte provide appropriate lifesaving equipment and instructions for use of the lifesaving equipment.


Only persons aged 15 and over (children under this age shall be supervised by a responsible adult over 18) are permitted to use the swimming pool facilities.

In hiring this accommodation you:

1) Agree to be responsible to the owners of Il Monte for the cost of restoring or repairing any loss or damage caused to the facilities or the equipment provided during your period of Hire.

2) Agree to indemnify the Owners of Il Monte against any liability which it may incur in relation to the improper use of the facilities, and any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever caused.

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